Kimie Mbongo


Kimie Mbongo emigrated to the United States in 2009 and spent six months learning the language. She noticed a stark contrast between her and some of her classmates, as well as some of her friends from other cultures. It seemed as though people that kept their same friends and environment weren't progressing as rapidly in their acquisition of the new language. On the other hand, from an immigrant's perspective it was terrifying to have to face rejection because of an accent, culture, etc.

Transculturation Co was born from the desire to create a platform for both immigrants to integrate and nationals to engage through unique language classes. The premise is the concept of resilience: building adaptability by stretching regularly and being connected to a support system.

Kimie went on to study political sciences and global affairs. She has been working with children since 2011 and lent her hand to several non profit ventures as an assistant and coordinator for years.

In her spare time, Kimie enjoys reading a good book and spending time with loved ones. She also has a secret love for sewing, and occasionally tries her hand at special projects.

According to her friends, she spends too much time on the phone and social media.