Five Sure Ways To learn A New Language In Six Months Or Less

by Estee Obone

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Have you ever wanted to invest in a language-learning class but hesitated because you weren't sure how long it would take you? 

Here are 5 ways that guarantee you will be fluent in 6 months or less! That simple!


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Set Your Life Up To Fail

by Kimie Mbongo

$ 9.99


Have you ever felt like you've had so many failures in life, it's become your identity?

Think again! 

This book is here to help you debunk 2 myths: 

1- Success is getting everything right.

2- Too many failures in life sets you back.

Dive in, and find out you are not alone in your quest for perfection, or maybe even in your pool of failures.


Let this book reshape your mind around what you call failure and let this be a new journey you embark on in life!



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